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Louisville Memorial Gardens West

            Annual Luminary Event

Date: Sunday, December 10,2017 

                 Time: 5:00 PM


Location: Louisville Memorial Gardens Funeral Home & Cemetery
4400 Dixie Highway
Louisville KY 40216
Phone: (502) 447-4220

Please circle your calendar for Sunday, December 10, 2017, for our special Festival of Lights Luminary Event.  Bring the entire family out at 5:00 PM to join in the celebration. 

If you would like to honor your loved one with complimentary luminary, please come by our office between the hours of 10:00 AM -and 3:00 PM, Monday, December 4th through Friday, December 8th to pick up your luminary.

Lighting the Christmas Night

Luminaries, those softly lighted paper sacks that lead the way to your home, welcome thousands of guests to parties each year.  But where and why did this idea originate?

This idea dates back to sixteenth century Mexico and Southwest America.  Spanish priests traveling with explorers often lit small fires to show the path to a church.  This part of their religious service was known as luminaries and served to represent shepherds lighting the way to the Christ child on the first Christmas night.  Many of the explorers became settlers and incorporated this custom to our ways.

It's not known when candles in a bag replaced the luminary fires, but it was a practical change.  The candles didn't need tending and they lasted much longer.  Today, luminaries light the way for well-wishers during the sacred holiday season.




Louisville Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home is Louisville's premier funeral, cremation, and cemetery service provider. We are mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers of the Louisville communities that we so proudly serve and we dedicate ourselves to providing exceptional services to the families in these communities.

Louisville Memorial Gardens has made many improvements over the last few years to allow for expanded services including a brand new, state of the art funeral home, chapel offerings and a new reception center designed for catered services. These new facilities allow us to provide all of the services necessary to serve your family under one roof and at one location.



Why is Pre-Planning Important?

Many families find excellent value in going through the advanced planning process for their final arrangements. Advanced planning allows for you to record vital information and keep it on file with our funeral home or cemetery and eases the process your family might endure at the time of death.

Additionally, advanced planning allows for you to plan the Celebration of Life event, venue, music, disposition choice and desired final resting place. To learn more about the value of advanced planning, please read the information we have included within our website. You may also call us and we will discuss the choices you have available to you over the phone or in person.

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