Why Have a Funeral Service?

At Louisville Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home, we understand the importance of family members, friends, and loved ones spending time supporting one another after a funeral rather than having to be concerned about preparing food and prepping for a funeral reception. Those services can now be provided by the staff at Louisville Memorial Gardens.

Our catering services have been designed to accommodate small families with minimal needs or the largest of families with more elaborate needs. Our catering services can be utilized at our state-of-the-art funeral home, a reception hall in the community, your own home, or at virtually any venue of your choosing. Our catering menus offer a vast array of selections and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Why Funeral Receptions are Important

The "After Funeral Gathering" or reception is an important event that is part of the healing process. It is a time for people to meet and greet one another, some of whom may not have seen one another in many years. It serves as an opportunity to provide a meal to those who have taken the time to show their support of your family. It can also act as a reunion of family members that are seldom seen. Once the formality of the funeral service is over, the atmosphere at a reception tends to relax people so that they can be more themselves and share their thoughts and feelings.